We encourage and equip men to enjoy a better life. Each man wants to live a healthier life, especially with those they love. Therefore, we make it our aim to come alongside men to mentor them as they seek to improve their lives in five areas of wellness--spiritual, emotional, physical, financial, and relational.  Our focus areas are Pickens and Oconee counties, South Carolina, to reach men to grow holistically and to help reach other men in their spheres of influence.

Encouraging Men

Equipping Men


Our passion is to encourage men through intentional time together to build a level of trust. Each one develops confidence and hope to face life challenges and encourage those who are in their sphere of influence.


Our strategy is to equip men through our one-on-one and group settings. Together everyone will grow healthier with their loved ones and community. Our strategies are spread throughout five categories (Spiritual, Emotional, Physical, Financial, and Relational Health). Each person will have the resources to discern what is best for their lives. 


Our desire is to see men enjoy life through our holistic approach. They will learn how to enjoy life within our five wellness categories. Together everyone experiences joy within their lives, families, and community.