Steadfast HOPE 

Our Mission is to Encourage and Equip Men 

to Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle.

James's Story

Jonathan Rasmussen has been an inspiration to me since we met years ago while he was a custodian at the Career Center.  Even then, he approached that job like it mattered as much as mine or anyone's in that building.  That both convicted me and inspired me.  Once he got sick, he inspired me again by stepping out and literally risking his life to help empower others through Steadfast HOPE. 

Our passion is to inspire men to help one another persevere through adversities and grow to trust and assist each other.

Our strategy is to provide tools for men to equip them to make healthy changes in lifestyles for them and their families.

Our desire is to see men enjoy success in five areas of wellness. We assist them in their journey and celebrate their progress.