Alcohol brought me to OARS Rehab to get help. I renewed my relationship with God in the process. Steadfast HOPE also was a part of my recovery.

Male Youth

6th Grader

"[Jonathan] is the best mentor" 



I want to share that Jonathan came to my rehab and did a class what he shared was powerful and inspired me. Thank you brother for blessing us with your knowledge, you are a light shining brighter than you know! 

Public School Teacher

"The days [Jonathan] is here the students respond well with a positive male influencer." 

Male Youth
7th Grader

The reason why we like [Steadfast HOPE's] mentorship is what you teach is from knowledge and experience.



Jonathan is a true brother and dear friend. I appreciate his honesty and the word he brings to me in my current situation. I enjoy Jonathan being real with me.


Jonathan's nonprofit, Steadfast HOPE, has been a huge blessing to not only me but my family as well. It has equipped me to be a better man that I strive to be each and every day. I'm grateful to know Jonathan as a brother in Christ who I can learn and grow from spiritually. His willingness to serve truly makes Steadfast HOPE impactful beyond comparison.



Steadfast HOPE has been a great help to me. I have been encouraged by having someone come alongside me, as I walked through new uncertainties and seasons of life. I am also better equipped, with a strong model to follow, as a husband and a leader.